Problem Background
I was learning Japanese in Daiichi school when I was in Hong Kong. My Teacher said that to learn a new language, memorize new words as much as you can. You can form more sentences and practice more, then master the new language.
After my teacher said, I have been looking for an app/software that can build a word database and quizzes, but most of them are hard to use or need to pay for that.
I am a UX/UI designer and front-end developer. So why not make an app by myself.🤓  Keep practicing and memorizing new words every day!
Finding Reference
I have been looking for an app to help me memorize Japanese words. 
Product Idea
I need an app that uses flashcards or Duolingo-like multiple-choice questions to practise and memorize the new words.
Tech Stacks
Frontend & Backend: Nuxt.js
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