If a smart contract in blockchain wants to retrieve the data from the real world in real-time, it needs an agent called “oracles”. So we built MeFi Oracle helping those blockchain or defi projects to fetch stock prices from the stock markets in the real world. We have built a dapp called “MeFi Dapp” for visualizing MeFi Oracle. And MDT Faucet to let testers get free MDT for doing testings in MeFi Dapp.
I was responsible for UI design and front-end development. MeFi Dapp and MDT Faucet were designed by using Figma. MeFi Dapp was implemented by using Nuxt.js. MDT Faucet was implemented by using Gatsby.js. 
Demo Video
MeFi Dapp
MDT Faucet
*Metamask plugin and a crypto wallet are needed when using MeFi Dapp and MDT Faucet.
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